Diplomats only seminar 2 October 2019

On 2 October 2019, in collaboration with Diplomat Magazine, Russell Advocaten hosted a – diplomats only – seminar in The Hague. The subject of this well-attended event was “Dutch labour law and investing in the Netherlands – an update for Diplomats”.


The agenda contained the following:

  • (New) Dutch dismissal law
  • Labour Market in Balance Act
  • Employee illness
  • Investment in the Netherlands

The highly interactive meeting focused in particular on Dutch dismissal law and the mandatory transition compensation.

Key issues

Key issues for Embassies include:

  • As from next year, every employee who does not quit himself is entitled to a transition allowance from day 1, even in the event of a temporary contract. Even though this obligation does not apply to termination agreements, a minimum comparable compensation will have to be paid in that case too.
  • As from next year, you may conclude three year contracts in a row.
  • Every employer, including Embassies, must call in an occupational health and safety officer/company doctor in the event of illness of employees.
  • It will be possible to combine reasons for dismissal.
  • A wage sanction may be imposed in the event of inadequate supervision of ill employees.
  • Legal assistance is required to set up a company in the Netherlands. Consult for example www.startingabusinessnl.com.

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